Harry Sohni – Präzisions-Diamantwerkzeuge

About HASO Diamond Tools Factory

We have been producing quality diamond tools for the watch and jewelery industry for over 55 years. Find out more about the various diamond shapes that are produced by our specialists on our website.

We would like to offer you a general overview of our product portfolio and the processing options for industrial diamonds:

Harry Sohni Diamond Tools is a family company from town of gems Idar-Oberstein. Where else should the watch or jewelry industry have competent partners for grinding, turning, milling, drilling or engraving tools, if not here.

We offer our customers years of experience and passion for our products.

We look forward to your manufacturing or repair request.

For every order, please state the following information:

  • Tool Type (z. B. Posalux-Standard or your own drawing).
  • The size of the diamond cutting edge in mm, the precise angles, in case of concave and convex shapes the radius in mm, in case of glazing shapes the toothing angle and tooth width.
Diamond turning- & cutting tools for jewellry & clock industry